Turn your data into action

A comprehensive data intelligence solution that allows companies to monitor, analyze and take action using our unique design approach to data visualization, thus putting people in command of their data, not the other way around.

At the heart of Cirrus is a code engine developed using state of the art technologies that can be custom tailored to your specific processes, infrastructurem and data use needs.

Uses include: management and executive oversight, team alignment and collaboration, modelling, forecasting, and status tracking as well as alerts, analytic insight, action management and more.

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Synthesis of all your data sources

Cirrus integrates with most any database or ERP system, and everything from inventory, sales, production, financials, staffing and more can be integrated into one tool kit that's custom designed for your exact data use needs. Our philosophy is to embrace, not replace, so there is no need to disrupt any aspect of your infrastructure you don't want restructured.