Eight Solution’s Cumul8 Team Presents at ReactJS VancouverFeb. 4, 2016

VANCOUVER BC, February 25, 2016 — Eight Solutions Inc. (TSXV:ES) (“Eight Solutions” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce two of its Cumul8 creators will be presenting at the Mobify Headquarters event React 201: Beyond the Basics.

This event takes place on March 2 at the Mobify Headquarters in Vancouver BC. Cumul8’s Lead Software Engineer, Evgueni Naverniouk, is one of the presenters and Web Application Engineer, Ryan MacLeod, will be featured as a panelist.

Using his experiences building Cumul8, Mr. Naverniouk will present benefits, lessons and challenges software engineers face when building full-scale products with React. His talk will be infused with real life examples on how his team developed the core platform that powers the Cumul8 Cirrus and Sky applications—Cirrus being the Company’s enterprise data visualization narrative tool and Sky being the Company’s mobile-first insight discovery and collaboration tool. Mr. Naverniouk is one of the key visionaries that helped bring Cumul8 to life. He has been building web applications for the past 16 years. He has also worked as a musician, an artist in the movie industry, developed several mobile games, and is an active contributor in the Open Source community.

“This is a great way for our Cumul8 team to build community and awareness in this space,” says Rory Armes, Eight Solutions’ CEO. “As well as helping to make inroads with our Cumul8 enterprise solution, the relationships we are forging through this kind of grassroots outreach will go a long way when our Sky product launches later this year. We believe that the way forward is to openly share and Ev clearly evangelizes that philosophy through the Company”

“By participating in these types of events it allows the Cumul8 team to learn the power of public expression and helps create a lasting impression as we attract more like-minded technologists to the Cumul8 team. Attracting talent is key as we see our numbers growing to support our existing and potential new work.”